Healthy Suggestions to Avoid Dental Complications


Dental problems are very common these days also can't be ignored. Almost everyone at some stage of life would face dental problems in different forms. Maximum time oral problems do happen by the care we give to our teeth, ignorance or simply by our hereditary. One of the great facts is an advancement in dental care has made the entire clinical procedure pain free. Most of the dental problems can easily be prevented and cured. Although proper dental floss, brushing twice a day and regular dental checkup is so much important to stay away from any dental complication. Be aware of all the general dental complications to stay away from all the infectious causes. 

There are a few dental problems that are very common along with the prevention guidelines.

1) Tooth Decay:

Tooth decay is popularly known as a dental cavity. It happens when any sticky substance that forms on teeth in which bacteria proliferate. In general, anyone can be caused by this problem, especially among children and aged people because of the large sugar intake or starch of the food that we eat.

Healthy Suggestions: 

• Avoid drinks with high sugar intake and eat healthy foods;
• Regular dental checkup, brushing twice a day & daily flossing is the best way to prevent your teeth cavity.

2) Bad Breath: 

According to the statistics the problem of bad breath does happen among every 4th person globally. It is also called halitosis & it can be turned to be an embarrassing situation for anyone. A few dental complications that can be the cause of bad breath are cavities, dry mouth, oral cancer, gum disease or bacteria on the tongue.

Healthy Suggestions:

• Flossing/Brushing your teeth twice a day;
• Regularly clean your tongue to remove plaque or bacteria;
• Quit smoking;
• Avoid foods because of which bad breath does arise, such as onion, garlic, coffer or cabbage;
• Use mouth freshener on a regular basis;
• Visit your dentist on a regular basis at least at an interval of 3 to 4 months.

3) Tooth Sensitivity: 

It is one of the common dental complications, can happen with anyone. Tooth sensitivity includes any type of pain or soreness with hot/cold air or sweet or ice cream. Most of the people with sensitive teeth would feel discomfort while flossing or brushing.

Healthy Suggestions:

• Preferred to use a soft-bristled toothbrush to prevent irritation;
• Avoid eating junk foods & limit the amount of acidic food too;
• Regular dental check-ups;
• Keep the good oral hygiene to get your teeth and mouth healthy and clean;
• Use a mouth guard if you grind your teeth while sleeping. 

4) Periodontitis (Gum Disease):

Gums are the tissues inside the mouth covered around teeth. Gum disease happens because of infection around the teeth due to plaque, it is also known as Periodontitis. Another form of gum disease is commonly known as gingivitis. It usually appears when people have sort of swelling and reddishness in their gums. And sometimes, there must be some bleeding. The problem of Periodontitis happens when gingivitis is left untreated.   

Healthy Suggestions:

• Precaution and right prevention is always a key to keep your gums healthy; 
• Brush your teeth after a meal or at least once a day to remove all the debris and plaque surrounded your teeth;
• Do brushing and flossing properly to remove bacteria;
• Doctors’ consultation would always be recommended, especially in the case of a certain disease like diabetes.

5) Dry Mouth: 

The situation of dry mouth can happen with anyone. This condition is also known as Xerostomia. Generally happens among people taking regular prescription drugs/medicines. It can also be caused by the lack of saliva in the mouth. Saliva although have an antibacterial property that use to maintain the moister and remove plaque from teeth.

Healthy Suggestions:

• Though there is no such defined form of cure of Xerostomia (dry mouth), it can be prevented by chewing on gum or drinking water at regular intervals.


There is a number of treatments and remedies you can opt to treat your dental problems. However, a professional solution would always be recommended. Self-care is always important and recommended & home remedies can temporarily reduce your pain but may not completely cure the ultimate source of discomfort. If your symptoms still sustain after some days, you may require an additional cure.  Open the Plunes app now & discover the best dentists’ nearest to you, instantly with real time negotiation fee.