1. Plunes provides a platform to facilitate direct communication between a professional and a User (defined under Terms of Use), through Plunes, with the specific query or inquiry to provide solutions or opinions to any User.

2. The members of Plunes may choose to have membership on Plunes as one of the following:

a. Medical Professional; or

b. Pharmaceutical Professional

(Cumulatively hereinafter referred to as “Members”).

3. The Members shall have the right to communicate with other Members and Users on the Online Platform provided by Plunes and such communication shall be visible to the other Members of Plunes, if consented so by the User seeking a solution from the Member. No Member registered on the platform shall exchange personal details with other Members on the Online Platform.

4. Members shall provide Plunes with their details such as license number, registration number in relation to their respective profession, and the other required underlying documents. Further, the engagement of the Members with Plunes shall be subject to the verification of such details and documents provided by the Member to Plunes. However, Plunes may at its sole discretion decide not to on-board any Member onto the Plunes platform.

5. The Members shall choose their area of expertise and the number of years of professional experience which shall assist Plunes in determining and allocating the Users and the particular query to the Member for the solution.

6. The Members shall have 24 hours to revert to the query posted by the User for the relevant Member. The time-frame provided to the Members to revert on the query shall exclude the hours from 10 A.M to 6 P.M.

7. Members shall be bound by terms of confidentiality with respect to the information available in its capacity as a ‘Member’ and no disclosure is to be made in this regard to any third parties unless specifically authorized by Plunes or the Users, as the case may be.

8. Plunes assume no responsibility for any services, or financial, healthcare and legal opinion or solution rendered by the Members to the Users on the Online Platform nor does it warrant or gives any representation as to the accuracy of the healthcare or legal opinion or solution rendered on the Website.

9. Member shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Users and Plunes with respect to any claims/losses/damages caused to Plunes and/or its Users due to any breach /non-fulfillment of its obligations under the terms laid down by Plunes from time to time.

10. The membership of a Member shall be valid only for a period as mutually discussed and confirmed in writing. If no specific term has been agreed between the Member and Plunes, the membership shall continue to be valid unless terminated per this document. The Member may renew (if required) its membership on the expiry of the same. Plunes reserve the right to terminate the membership of a Member immediately on the occurrence of a reasonable breach of any of the representations, warranties or obligations of the Members set out in the by-laws, or at Plunes sole discretion by providing a written intimation of termination. Members can terminate their membership with Plunes by giving advance notice in writing of 30 days or as mutually decided by Plunes and the Members. However, all existing rights and obligations of the Member with respect to any transactions existing prior to such expiry shall survive such expiration of membership.

11. All Members shall be responsible to pay their respective taxes as per their individual laws applicable to them.

12. Plunes retains the right to assign all its rights to a third party at its own discretion without any recourse to the Members.

13. All intellectual property rights created by Plunes in furtherance of its objectives shall vest with Plunes.

14. Disputes between Members and the Users of the Online Platform shall be subject to the respective laws governing the Members and shall be resolved amicably. Plunes shall mediate disputes between Members and the Users if required. No claims shall be raised by the Members against any Members before any court/tribunal/arbitrators/governmental authorities without passing through mediation with Plunes first.

15. Disputes between the Members and Plunes shall be subject to arbitration by a sole arbitrator under the Arbitration & Conciliation Act 1996 with the seat of arbitration in Gurugram and the laws governing the terms being Indian laws. The language of the arbitration shall be English or Hindi and the award of the arbitrator shall be final.

16. Plunes shall communicate the terms of membership, the terms of payment and the terms of conduct on the Online Platform at the time of engagement with the Member intending to register on the Online Platform.

17. Plunes reserves the right to update the terms of membership, the commercial terms and the by-laws from time to time at its sole discretion. Although Plunes will use reasonable effort to notify the members of any material change(s) made in the terms of membership or by-laws by means of electronic mail, it is the responsibility of the Members to keep themselves informed of the membership terms and by-laws. If the Members do not raise objections or terminate their membership in writing within 10 days of any such change(s) made, the Members shall be deemed to have accepted the modified terms of Membership and/or by-laws and shall adhere to the same.

18. These Basic Terms and Conditions for Members shall be read together with the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy respectively.


We hereby acknowledge that we have read and understood the complete Basic Terms and Conditions for Members, Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and the by-laws and agree to the same. We undertake that we will not be in contravention of any laws applicable or any obligations under any existing or future contracts by agreeing to these terms and we will indemnify Plunes for any losses or claims arising out of an occurrence of any such violation.